Dear members,

We are proud to announce to you that the system maintenance has been successfully completed. And below are the updated areas for your reference:

Official release of Fairox Membership Coin withdrawal channels:
  • Fairox Membership Coins can be withdrawn to gaming platform.

  • Fairox Membership Coins can be withdrawn to IMTOKEN Wallet.

  • Fairox Membership Coins can be transferred between members. (ONLY limited to the scope of the member’s downlines)

Note1: We will release another announcement and video tutorial to show you how to transfer Coin to the game platform and IMTOKEN Wallet.

Note2: The next maintenance happening this month (Date to be confirmed) will be enabling the function of purchasing Fairox membership with 100% Fairox Membership Coins.

Note3: We will be depositing Season 1’s coin and releasing other promotions within this week step by step.

Official release of the new “Coin Club Membership”.

Note1: This membership can only be bought with 1-time full-payment. It does not support any package upgrade to Coin Club.

Note2: Both the “Coin Club Membership” and “Dragon Membership” members will need to hold-on the specific number of their Coins in order to enjoy 100% membership rights.

The update of the Compensation Plan is based on the latest official DECK released. The main updates are as follows:

Note1: Updated the rules of “Roll-up commission”: 20% Binary tree bonus has been removed. And now the commission will be 100% based on the Referral tree.

Note2: Updated the rules of “Roll-up commission”: 60 days of Bonus compression days change to 30days. It will take effect from April 1, 2021.

Note3: Updated the rules of the “One-Line Matching Commission”. Membership entitlement to this bonus has changed to Super membership and above.

Optimization of System performance, access speed, etc.

March 2021 is a new beginning for the Company and to all members, as we are moving on with 2nd season or phase 2 of our Fairox preplanned milestone. This direction will allow the company to realize the powerful vision of creating a decentralized community based project that promotes long-term winning results for everyone. All these can only happen with the launch of our very own Fairox Coin! As such, let's strive together and work towards building a strong and valuable community coin!

Thank you

Fairox Team

Realizing Your Dreams

2-March 2021