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2022 Fairox Upgrading New Year Announcement

Dear members,

With the end of the 2022 Fairox New Year Event on 15-January 2022, marks a brand new beginning for both the company and the member. And 2022 is marked to become one of the best years ahead for Fairox. In order to realize this grand moment, the company will be pushing out a series of upgrading works and system enhancement in the coming weeks.

The enhancements as below:

1) MLM system changes

We will optimize the:

  • "E-wallet - Commission", and

  • "Coin wallet - Free coin"

The withdrawal flow for the MLM system above will be optimized soon, please look out for an upcoming official announcement for this point in detail.

2) Optimization of “E-PIN Payment Code" for the purchase process

The company will be further optimizing the purchase process of the "E-PIN payment code" for all members so that the purchase process can be simplified.

That is, when you purchase the "E-PIN payment code" from the exchange, the transaction will be confirmed immediately without fees.

Please check the details with this link:

3) Cancelation of the 20% of the lotto winnings withdrawal distribution rule

Starting from 15-January 2022, member’s lotto winnings withdrawals from will no longer be subjected to the 20% recycle-back into the MLM system. Instead, any winning withdrawals from the lotto platform will be 100% processed with the defaulted payout method.

4) Changes for the official meeting schedules

Starting from 24-January 2022 (Monday) onwards, the official meetings will be revised to the following days:

  • Fairox Enhanced Zoom Meeting: Every Monday (1PM Singapore Time)

  • Fairox Leader Meeting (Kor): Every Tuesday of the 1st and 3rd week of the month (10AM Singapore Time)

  • Fairox Center Leader Meeting: it will be canceled for Korea and China stations, and we will hold these meetings privately for the centers. (By appointment)

5) Adjustment of weightage amount for "Global shares" & "MLM system profit-sharing" for certain Memberships.

Details are as per below:

  • We will reduce 50% of the profit sharing weightage for the “Founder Membership”, “Coin Club Membership”, and “Dragon Membership”.

  • We will increase the weightage for the "Fairox Club" for all sharings.

6) Enabling balance swap function among “ Exchange” and “Faireum Game Platform” within this week.

The user can swap credit balance between “ Exchange” and “Faireum Game Platform” to play games.

  • “Faireum Game Platform” to “ Exchange”.

  • “ Exchange” to “Faireum Game Platform

Please look out for an upcoming official announcement this week for more details. 7) Releasing a new “Help Desk” for multiple ecosystems soon. 8) Other enhancements.

Fairox Team

Realizing Your Dreams

17-January 2022

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