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Dear members,

Due to the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus (omicron variant), the company has no choice but to cancel the Jeju event and make some changes towards the existing promotion.

Please take note on the following updates:

Promotion 1: “Ultimate iGaming Ecosystem Promotion” remains unchanged.

Promotion 2: “First 100 Jeju Island Promotion” will be replaced with the following:

  • There will be special arrangements for those who have already qualified for the “Top 100 Jeju Live Event Promotion. These elite members will automatically receive the event ticket for our Fairox 2nd Anniversary Live at a special overseas country* (*TBD)!

  • Flight tickets and accommodation will be included for the trip for our top 100 qualifiers!

Promotion 3: “Center VS Center Promotion” will end after we have gotten top 3 winners. Details as follow:

  • The 3 fastest centers to have at least 10 pax of their members qualified for promotion 3 will win their center a Hyundai car!

  • The promotion will end after the winners have been obtained.

Note: The above promotion will end on 31-Dec 2021.


Fairox Team

Realizing Your Dreams

10-Dec 2021

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