Dear Members,

Fairox would like to first wish all the members a very happy new year for 2021! This year will be a new beginning for the company to achieve greater success and reach greater heights in overall performance!

In order to begin the year of 2021 with a BANG and in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year, the company would like to announce 2 exciting news as per below:

1. Extension of Dragon Membership!

Dragon Membership will be extended next month, ending on 28 February 2021!

2. Launching of 2021 Chinese New Year Coin Promotion!

In conjunction with the launching of the 1st ever membership coin offering promotion and the Chinese New Year promotion, the company will be giving out extra coins for those who meet the specific requirements!

Important Notes:

  • Offer for January: Anyone joins as Fairox member with 5+ (SAME) multiple packages, the user will get extra 20% of Fairox Coin in January 2021. Totalling to 100% of coin! Applicable to all memberships (packages).

Example (ID and Email):

  • John wants to take up this January Coin Promotion to get 100% Fairox coin.

  • John needs to join with a minimum 5 packages and above. Packages must be at the same level.

  • John must label his 5 packages with “ID to ID+5” behind his ID and email.

  • For example his ID = “John” and Email = “”

  • John must use “John”, “John+2”, “John+3”, “John+4”, “John+5” and use “”, “”, “”, “”, “” for all memberships’ ID and Email.

  • Once completed and approved, ALL “John” to “John+5” will be awarded with 100% of Fairox Coin.

OR,It can be in the form of either:

→ ID_2

→ ID~2

→ ID2

→ ID.2

→ ID^2

→ etc

  • The 2021 Chinese New Year Coin Promotion will end on 28 February 2021! There will be another promotion in February and it will be announced again on 1st February.

Happy recruiting everyone

Fairox Team

Realizing Your Dreams