Dear Members,

It has been a great start for Fairox in 2021, and right now we are planning to bring the company one-step higher to greatness by enhancing the major components of the entire ecosystem of the company!

The enhancement of the ecosystem will greatly improve the members' experience with the company. Please refer to the enhancement as follow:

  1. The company will have a new flow of Zoom meetings from next week onwards.

  2. Starting from next week onwards, the daily Zoom meetings will be conducted in various languages. This will allow all members to tap into the company potential to open up new markets and recruit new members from around the world.

  3. Daily Zoom meetings lucky draw will be upgraded to “Live Lucky Money Draw” and prizes will be given out in USD! Prizes are $100,000 USD; $10,000 USD; $1,000 USD.

  4. From February onwards, the highlight and focus will be on the enhanced version of with more than 3000+ games ranging from Slots, Table Games, Live Casino, Sports Betting, Virtual Games and many more. The ecosystem and game play will be entirely leveraging on Fairox Coin. Players will participate in the games with Fairox Coin, and they will also earn Fairox Coin!


  • Step 1 : withdraw Lottery Points from

  • Step 2 : Participate in daily zoom meeting lucky draw

Commencing from:

  • 1st live draw commencing on next Monday (25-Jan-2021)


  • LP withdrawal is fixed at 100LP per withdrawal “unit” for each participation of the live lucky draw.

Prize Rules:

  • Prizes are $100,000 USD; $10,000 USD; 1,000 USD.

  • $1,000 USD prize will only be drawn for every 100 pax participation. 1 draw per day. Excessive participation will need to wait for the next draw on the next day. (i.e. $1,000 will be given out each day, and there will only be 1 winner per day)

  • $10,000 USD prize will be drawn once after the $1,000 prize has been given out 20x. (i.e. under high participation rate, $10,000 prize will be drawn once every 20days)

  • $100,000 USD prize will be drawn once after the $1,000 prize has been given out 100x. (i.e. under high participation rate, $100,000 prize will be drawn once every 100days)

  • Prize will be deposited into the winner’s Fairox account on the same day.

  • Prize is subject to the 80:20 ecosystem rule. Winner will get 80% of the prize, while the remaining 20% of the prize will be recycled back into the ecosystem to generate new sales.


  • All the existing LP pending withdrawal will be rejected. All members can start requesting for LP withdrawal based on the above new rules from today onwards.

Thank you

Fairox Team


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