Updated: Jun 25, 2021

After the launching of "Fairox New Era", the Fairox computing system has also moved on to the 4.0 era mentioned in the previous announcement. (Advance notice link:

We will provide an additional explanation of important key points as per below:

1) “Fairox New Era” consists of 12-phases. Among which, it consists of 3 payment methods which include “E-Wallet”, “E-PIN”, and “FOMC Transfer”.

2) “Coin Wallet” and “E-Wallet” can be used for withdrawal once a day starting from June 7, 2021 onwards.

The withdrawals will be processed from Monday to Friday, and the withdrawal list that is submitted before 12:00 Singapore time will be processed on the same day.

Members who signed up as a member before May 31, 2021 can apply for withdrawal by selecting either BTC or FOMC Coin for the amount accumulated in advance.

Members who joined before May 31, 2021, their withdrawals will be processed twice a week on Monday/Thursday as usual when withdrawing BTC.

Members who joined after May 31, 2021 can withdraw their commission only with FOMC Coin.

3) When FOMC withdrawals are made with “E-Wallet”, the withdrawal is processed based on the exchange ( real-time exchange rate.

Example: FOMC coins are withdrawn based on the real-time exchange rate every day, just like the payment was withdrawn in Bitcoin.

4) Withdrawal of “Coin Wallet” will be possible at 10% of every step of “Fairox New Era 1”.

In other words, regardless of time, every time the "Fairox New Era 1" 12-step plan moves to the next step, 10% will be unlocked. The reason is that since the coin wallet became the member's benefit before May 31, 2021, all deposited coins will be withdrawn in a fixed amount regardless of the exchange rate.

5) The “FOMC Payment” system, where you can purchase packages based on the real-time exchange rate, will open soon.

The “Fairox New Era 1” stage 1 plan coin exchange rate standard started at 1 coin = 1 USD, and a “coin wallet” payment was temporarily opened. Shortly after the second stage opens, the “Coin Wallet” payment has been temporarily suspended on June 12, 2021 due to the problem that the exchange rate is applied as 1 coin = 1.5 USD.

A new “FOMC Payment” system will be added soon, allowing you to conveniently purchase packages on a real-time exchange basis. Until this payment system is opened, we recommend the E-PIN method, and secondly, we recommend the “FOMC Transfer” manual acceptance method.

In the above two methods, it is possible to proceed with sales based on the real-time exchange rate of the FOMC coin of the exchange.

E-pin purchase and usage link:

Telegram Support: Fairox_support

6) Explanation of “platform sharing bonus” and “global sharing bonus”

For “platform sharing bonus”, long-term payments are based on your membership without any conditions.

“Global sharing allowance” can be received only if you have the amount of coins corresponding to the computer system. (Related notice:

Packages that are eligible for “Global Sharing bonus” are Founder, Dragon, and Coin Club.

In order to receive the “Global Sharing Bonus”, only if you are Dragon and Coin Club packages, and also only if you have 100% coins based on your membership.

After the launching of "Fairox New Era 1", the coin quantity will be applied from 100% to 50% from June 21, 2021 until the 6th stage of "Fairox New Era 1" for coin circulation.

After the completion of stage 6 of "Fairox New Era 1", from stage 7 onwards the qualification entitlement rules (with respect to the amount of coins) for “global sharing bonus” will be canceled. In other words, even if you do not have the amount of coins, you will be able to receive the “global sharing bonus”.

7) Binary Team Commission

The accumulated binary performance of “Coin Wallet” and “E-Wallet” will be added up later. This will be dealt with by announcing the schedule later.

Please refer to this notice and if you have any questions, please contact Telegram customer support: Fairox_support~

Thank you!

Fairox Team

June 14, 2021