Fairox Ad-Hoc System Maintenance and Promotion Extension Announcement

Dear All Members,

System Maintenance Announcement:

In conjunction with the massive enhancement for season 2, Fairox Ecosystem will be undergoing system maintenance and upgrade on Thursday, 1-3 April 2021. Specific time slots will be announced by a second notice.


Promotion Extension Announcement:

Due to the postponement of system maintenance, the company has decided to extend March all promotions 7 Days.

Reminder of the “Roll-Up Bonus Entitlement” change:

Starting from System updated, the minimum required days to entitle for our “Roll-Up Bonus” will be changed from 60 days to 30 days, and it will take effect immediately from system updated.

Please pay attention to whether you have recruited any new members within 30 days. Moreover, after this system upgrade, packages purchased with Fairox coin are also eligible for the entitlement of “Roll-Up Bonus”.

Thank you for your understanding!

Fairox Team

31 March 2021