Fairox “Global 1st Membership Coin Offering” Announcement:

Dear members,

Great News!

The Company is proud to announce the launching of a powerful Limited-Time-Offer i.e. “Global 1st Membership Coin Offering” in our membership plan starting from 1-December 2020. The information has already been updated in the latest “Membership Plan” located on our official website ( Please feel free to go through it in detail.

Nevertheless, below states the summary of the latest release info for your easy reference:

“Global 1st Membership Coin Offering” Limited-Time-Offer

  • Availability: Available for ALL membership levels who newly joined or upgraded during the One-Time-Offer period.

  • One-Time-Offer Period: Starting from 1-Dec 2020 to 28-Feb 2021

  • Coin Entitlement:

  • December: entitle for 100% coin based on membership value

  • January: entitle for 80% coin based on membership value

  • February: entitle for 60% coin based on membership value

  • Amount of coin given-out to upgraded membership during this period will be based on the price difference of the packages.

  • Coin release period: Beginning of the following month since joining as members

  • Coin release destination: Members Wallet in

  • Coin release percentage: 100% release

  • Open for Withdrawal: Starting from 1-Mar 2021

  • Coin Exchange: Membership Coin will be listed on 1-2 of the top global exchange on Jan-2021

Realizing Your Dreams

Fairox Team

1-December 2020