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Fairox Launching Announcement

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Hello members! Welcome to the Fairox family! Fairox is a project that operates in multiple games and other platforms. Which makes the group a global online game union membership project. As the game market continues to expand, the Company will continue to develop into an in-depth and competitive game Company, based on the user market, Coin Exchange and the underlying gaming technology. While feeling thankful for all your support, the Company will provide Fairox members with weekly and monthly lucky jackpot experience through lottery games. In addition to this year, other than expanding the Company into the international market and recruiting a large number of members, the Company will also open its own exchange in 3Q2020. The stabilization of the Company’s Coin price will be made through the mass acquisition of users. More than that, the direction of listing of Coins specifically from the online gaming industry will enable the Company to become a Professional Coin Exchange in the gaming industry.

We will try our best to provide all our international users with various safe and convenient gaming platforms and systems within 3 years. And the Company will become the largest blockchain iGaming platform itself. We will become the global Top1 blockchain iGaming platform within 3 years, and strive to provide a safer, more convenient, and fairer gaming platform and system for our global users.

Currently, the marketing system is still in its initial stage and the 4 kinds of bonuses: "Direct Referral Bonus", "Team Bonus", "Membership Profit Share Ecosystem" and "Founder Membership Global Share Bonus" bonuses are functioning normally. The "Referral Roll-Up Bonus" will be recalculated when the system is upgraded later. Thank you!


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