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Fairox Lotto Ecosystem Launching Announcement!

Updated: May 16, 2023

Dear Members, GREAT NEWS!

We, the Fairox Group of Companies, are proud to announce the official launching of our own International Lotto Platform! Introducing Faireum Lotto (!

For the first time ever, international players and all our Fairox members can enter global lotteries from any country. Furthermore, the Faireum Lotto platform is also the first to let users exclusively buy lottery tickets with membership coins and cryptocurrency (BTC & USDT).

Faireum Lotto supports more than 20 world-famous lotteries. These include the U.S. PowerBall and Mega Millions, the Euro Millions, etc, with prizes going as high as $100 million! But, more importantly is that international players and all of our Fairox members can now participate in our own Lottery Games with more than 40% of winning rate!

All of the above only signifies one important thing, is that Fairox iGaming Ecosystem has reached another new milestone. And we are one of the GENUINE, REAL, and FAIR projects in the Asia Pacific! We are proud of this fact, and will continue to improve on our iGaming Ecosystem! This new system will open up new doors and new money making opportunities to all our Fairox members!

Notice on Official Released of Lottery Point:

In conjunction with the launching of Faireum Lotto, Fairox’s system feature of Lottery Point is also said to be fully released to all our members.

Brief explanation on how Lottery Points works:

  • Total Lottery Point value given is equivalent to the package price subscribed by any Fairox member.

  • 10% of the Lottery Point will be released to members every month.

  • The 1st immediate 10% release of the Lottery Point is on the 1st day of joining as Fairox member.

  • The Lottery Point is exclusively applicable to the participation of Faireum Lotto Games only.

  • Fairox members’ Lottery Point Balance will be credited into “Bonus Balance” in their account upon withdrawal.

There are 2 types of Credit Balances in

  • Normal Balance: can be used to participate in BOTH the International Lottery Games & Faireum Lottery Games. All BTC/USDT deposits will go into “Normal Balance”. ALL types of lottery winnings (Both the International Lottery Games & Faireum Lottery Games) will be automatically credited into “Normal Balance” of the player.

  • Bonus Balance: can only be used in “Faireum Lottery Games”. All winnings from “Faireum Lottery Games” will be automatically credited into “Normal Balance” of the player.

Notice on Removal of Game Point Bonus (“GBP”)

  • With the official release of Lottery Point, the Company will be clearing off all the previously given out GBP from all members' accounts to zero balance. Those accounts with manual deposit of BTC/USDT will not be affected.

  • The qualified winners from can request for withdrawal within 14 days from the date of this announcement. All GBP given amounts will be cleared to zero thereafter.

  • Members can still continue to participate in our 3000+ games through manual deposits of BTC/USDT.

Happy winning everyone!

Fairox Team

Realizing Your Dreams

October 13, 2020

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