Fairox New Era 1 - Phase 7 Pre-launch notice (Important)

hello Members!

Fairox reached 100% of its “Fairox New Era Stage 1 - 6” sales target last week (July 17, 2022). From today (July 18, 2022), we will enter the pre-launch phase of “Fairox New Era Phase 1 - Phase 7”!

Here are some tips for the Phase 7 pre-launch.

1) “Fairox New Era 1 - Phase 7” Celebration Promotion for Pre-launch

To celebrate the “Fairox New Era 1 - Phase 7” pre-launch, the company will hold an additional week of “Fairox Lotter Members Day” this week! In other words, from July 18, 2022 (Monday) to July 22, 2022 (Friday), all Fairox members withdraw their lottery points to the You can purchase up to 25 lottery tickets for 5 days, 5 Mega Millions Lotto tickets per day, with many lottery jackpot prizes accumulating up to $550 million USD!


1) When purchasing an international lottery (Mega Millions) with lottery points, check carefully to see if your payment method is designated as a “lottery point” balance.

2) Daily international lottery Mega Millions tickets can be purchased from 8:30 am Singapore time.