Major Steps & Upgrades for Fairox lotto ecosystem Announcement

Dear Members,

In conjunction to the opening up of the China market, the Company has since received various constructive professional suggestions on methods to bring the Group's business to another whole new level.

The upcoming effort and changes of the Company which have scheduled to take place in the near future will further establish and anchor the Company to be on par with the top companies within the gaming industry! The most immediate lucrative effect of the upgrade will be allowing the Company to capture a massive piece of market share from the China and Asia market. Hence, all our existing Fairox members will be able to benefit greatly for the longest period in time!

There said, below is the list for of Company's major upgrades from next week:

  • "Bonus Balance" will be changed to "Lottery Point" on our Lotto Platform

  • Lottery Points can be used to participate in all International Lotto Games (e.g. Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, etc) within a few clicks!

  • Enhancement of the entire UI/UX of our gaming platform

  • Enhancement of existing Faireum raffle game rules to be at 100% winning rate and the prizes will be adjusted together.

  • 5 tickets per round as a limiter for each account for the participation of Faireum Raffle for more fairness and better game play experience across the globe.

  • etc

We are very looking forward to a new amazing chapter ahead!

Fairox Team

Realizing Your Dreams

8 Nov, 2020