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Optimization Plan for Fairox New Era Marketing Plan (November 2021)

Hello member

Fairox new era marketing started in June 2021 has achieved many successes until today.

Depending on the recent marketing conditions, we will optimize the computer system ( and the exchange ( as follows.

How to purchase E-PIN with Coin Wallet FOMC:

Sequence 1:

Log in to the computer system with your account and click the menu “Help ---> Apply for help”.

Application form (for reference):

  • Title: Purchase E-PIN with Coin Wallet

  • E-PIN purchase amount: $xxxx

  • 50% FOMC: “Coin Wallet” balance deducted

  • 50% ETH / BTC / USDT Transaction ID (TXID): **************

Note: If the member is multi-account ID1, ID2, ID3, ID4, ID5, please use ID1 (main account) to request help.

BTC/ ETH/ USDT deposit method link:




Sequence 2:

After confirmation, the administrator issues an “E-PIN code” as a reply under the help application form.


This computer system optimization will be carried out after completing the computer system upgrade within this week.

Please refer to the notice to be announced this week, and if you have any further questions, please contact customer support.

Thank you!

Fairox team


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