Standard Q&A

Updated: Aug 8

1) What is the system time and standard time zone?

Our system uses the Singapore time zone to operate. All calculations and bonus payments must follow this time zone.

2) Does the system require KYC authentication?

At present, our system does NOT require KYC authentication, but for the convenience of finding passwords and other assistance later, please use real-name registration.

3) When does the system calculate commission/bonuses?

Except for the "Referral Commission" with instant calculation, the system will commence calculation for all other commission/bonuses of the day before at 0:00 every day. And we can confirm the distribution of all bonuses in the morning the next day.

4) When does the system pay/distribute commission/bonuses?

The system's withdrawal is processed 2x per week. On every Monday and Thursday.

* Lottery Points ("LP") can be withdrawn daily. LP withdrawal requests will be processed on a daily basis.

5) At what exchange rate is the commission/bonus paid?

We remit all the commission/bonuses according to the remittance time as the real-time exchange rate on the day of withdrawal of Coinmarketcap.

6) Does the system have a withdrawal limit?

At present, the system does not have any restrictions on the one-time withdrawal limit. Please follow the instructions on the withdrawal page for withdrawal.

7) How much is the handling fee for system withdrawals and transfers between members?

The fee for withdrawing commission/bonuses is 2.5%, and the fee for internal transfers between members is 1%.

8) Can I buy additional package(s) with my commission/bonus earned?

You can use your own commission/bonus to buy additional package(s) for yourself or pay for other direct referral members.

9) Can I transfer my commission/bonus to others and help others to buy package(s)?

Yes, you can transfer commission/bonuses to others, but only limited to your own downline members.

10) What are the rules for membership upgrades? How to upgrade?

You can upgrade the membership level through the "upgrade package" next to the current membership level.

(Note: You must upgrade to a more advanced membership level in stages)

11) What should I do if I forgot my password?

On the system homepage, click "Forgot Password" and enter your username. You can reset your password through the link in the email.

If the member is unable to locate his/her account password due to any unforeseen circumstances, please contact your direct referrer and ask him to submit a help ticket in the system to help reset your password. When submitting the “password reset” help request, you need to provide details such as name, email address, a valid reason for this request, and phone number of your original registered membership. The admin will decide whether or not to accept your request after going through manual review.

12) What should I do if I forgot the transaction password?

After logging in, you can find the "Forgot Password" link in the lower right corner of the "Security Settings-> Transaction Password" page on the left menu. Follow the instructions on the page and you can reset your transaction password.

13) Can I change the sponsor?

In principle, the company does not change the sponsor for anyone, but in very special circumstances, the company can correct/amend the errors made during registration of the member within one week. 

Please submit a help ticket to obtain the documents and procedures for the change of referrer and send it back to the company. We will pass a rigorous review before deciding whether or not to accept the request.

14) Can I request a refund for my membership(s)?

There will be NO refund for any member who joins the system, please note this!

15) When purchasing a package, I have transferred to the wrong address or repeated the transfer. What should I do?

If you have transferred to the wrong third-party address, We are very sorry we cannot help you.

If you have repeatedly transferred or transferred the wrong amount to an internal address of our system, you can still submit a help ticket to our administrator, and we will review and issue and make a refund for you thereafter.

16) What is the E-PIN payment code?

E-PIN payment code is a payment method that can be used like cash.

Generally, when it is necessary to recruit members in batches, leaders will apply from the company to purchase E-PIN payment codes to improve the efficiency of recruiting members into the system.