The Fairox 2nd Anniversary Event has ended successfully!


The Fairox 2nd Anniversary Event, held on June 11th, 2022 at 3pm Singapore time, successfully concluded with over 1,000 participants from all over the world!

1) Information on gift receipt for the first 100 people at the New Year's event in January 2022

As we welcome the new year of 2022, a special gift for the first 100 people who achieve the end-of-year promotion is the Galaxy tab s7 FE. Please receive the gift at the center you belong to by the end of June.

2) List of newly achieved positions in 2022

Check out the list by clicking the link below!

link: 2022 Global New Pin Ranking

Congratulations again.

3) List of Top 5 Center Achievers in 2022

Check out the list by clicking the link below!

Link: 2022 Korean Top5 Center list

Top 5 ~ TOP2 centers are a gift along with the “Fairox Senior Center Certificate” to the centers who have achieved it. The Freestyle | You will receive SP-LSBP3LAXKR, and TOP1 centers will receive a $10,000 USD travel support prize.

Note: “Fairox Senior Center Certification” will be delivered to each center address within one week.

Congratulations again.

4) List of 2nd Anniversary Game Platform Jackpot Winners
  • top97***

  • khscm8****

  • young19***

  • zhongt****

  • guofan****

  • nengg****

  • gsun02****

  • tomori***

  • bitebi***

  • wojcly***

  • marsol***

Congratulations again.

5) 2nd anniversary live lottery winners list

There will be 3 lucky draws in the 2nd-anniversary event.

Announcing the lottery results.

1st Draw: AirDrop

Everyone who participated in the Airdrop will be charged a $50 USD game balance into their game platform account.

Those who correctly entered their email account will have their 50 USD cash balance charged before 24:00 on June 13, 2022.

Note: No submissions are required for receipt of the first raffle AirDrop.

2nd Draw: Golden Lucky Spin

Among the members who participated in the $1,000 game balance lottery, the 10 winners are as follows.

  • 최은자

  • 박정미

  • 林倍司

  • 한순용

  • 이행자

  • 김민정

  • Bird Fox

  • Tina Chang

  • Desmond

  • 寇春燕

One of the winners of the $10,000 Game Balance Draw is as follows.

  • 苏小琴

Product Receipt Guide

All lucky winners are encouraged to submit their tickets to the Fairox Help Desk to claim their prizes!


Congratulations again!

Fairox Team