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Tiger Verse Membership 2nd promotion announcement

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Hello Members~

To commemorate the new platform Tiger.Game soft-launch, a new membership package was released on January 6, 2023, and Sold out for the first 100 membership packages within 3 days. Congratulations and thanks to all new members. Following this, the second promotion for the next 100 Tiger Verse members will be announced.

1) Issuance of 100 additional Tiger NFT ART Collection

A total of 100 Tiger NFT ART Collections have been issued so far.

For this second promotion, the company will issue 100 more, and the total number of NFT coins will be adjusted to 200. And, after this 2nd promotion is over, it will not be issued again.

Description of the Tiger Verse membership package:

  • Membership price: 10,000 USD

  • Membership Name: Tiger Verse Membership

  • Sales method: 500 limited

  • Purchase method: purchase as a one-time payment on system (not upgradeable)

  • How to achieve the 2nd first-come-first-served 100: 30% FOMC: 70% USDT Buy Tiger Verse packages pay with your balance on the exchange

Membership Benefits:

  1. FOMC Coin Benefit 1 (existing) → Deposit 200 FOMC coins into “ system”

  2. FOMC Coin Benefit 2 (Additional) → Deposit 200 FOMC Coins to “ Exchange”

  3. Tiger ART NFT Collection (Refer to Notice No. 2 for how to achieve the 2nd promotion)


After purchasing the package from the “” system, apply for a withdrawal of 200 coins from the FOMC coin wallet. After the limited sale ends, the company will process the withdrawal in unison.

2) 30% FOMC: 70% USDT payment method additional explanation

30% FOMC : 70% USDT payment method will open during Tiger Verse Membership 2nd promotion for the next first 100 members.


  1. 30% FOMC : 70% USDT payment method can only use the balance of exchange.

  2. 30% FOMC : 70% USDT Payment method After purchasing the “E-PIN payment code” and signing up for “Tiger Verse Membership”, the “Tiger ART NFT Collection” will be given a promotional benefit to the 2nd first 100 members.

  3. If you sign up for “Tiger Verse Membership” with the E-wallet balance of the system (, you cannot receive promotional benefits for the “Tiger ART NFT Collection”. To achieve the promotion, you must withdraw your commission to the exchange and re-purchase with a 30% FOMC : 70% USDT payment method.

  4. 50% FOMC: 50% USDT payment method with the balance of exchange is still possible, and if you sign up for “Tiger Verse Membership” in this way, you will not receive promotion benefits for “Tiger ART NFT Collection”.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with customer support.

Thank you!

Fairox Team



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