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Fairox November Major Announcement!

Dear members,

October has been a very important month for the company, as Fairox is one of the only few iGaming Companies in Asia that have successfully launched a powerful international Lotto platform especially during the pandemic period! This has been a great achievement and also signifies another new milestone set by the Company.

Since then, the Company sales has been picking up aggressively which was reflected by the genuine interest from all our members that have participated in our Lotto platform ( We would like to thank all our members for seeing eye-to-eye and having faith in the Company international expansion plan.

And now, November will be marked as another significant milestone for the Company. As we will be officially penetrating new major markets across the globe! Please refer to the details as per below:

November Major Updates:

Here are some of the exciting updates for all our members with regard to the next global expansion plan of the Company:

  • Opening of the China market & releasing of new powerful Limited-Time Package! (Note: New package details please refer to

  • A small upgrade for the existing compensation plan (The official PDF has been updated, please refer

  • Releasing of a new Faireum Raffle game

  • etc

Happy Recruiting

Fairox Team

Realizing Your Dreams

1 November, 2020

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