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About Fairox

Fairox iGaming Group operates a Global Online Gaming Union Membership Project that leverages Blockchain technology. This interlinks and integrates various international iGaming platforms seamlessly into its gaming ecosystem, allowing members to participate and enjoy their gaming journey from every part of the world at most secured manner. 

With a unique twist to its already great business model, Fairox members can even enjoy its profit share generated from the business itself, making it a truly sustainable gaming ecosystem that provides a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Fairox strives to become the global Top1 blockchain iGaming platform within 3 years! 

Realizing your dreams!

Register as a member and get FREE 100% Lotto Credit!

Faireum Raffle provides you with a chance of winning international lottery tickets. Everybody wins by 100% winning rate!


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Ultimate Game Platform

Membership package
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Vip Membership
Premium Membership
Super Membership
Mega Membership
Fairox Club Membership

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